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As many of you know, one aspect of my work is studying, researching and teaching mindfulness. My reason for doing this is that Mindfulness practices offer us all a way of improving our wellbeing and potentially improving how we engage with other people in our world. My studies in mindfulness and observations of many of my clients and students suggests that Mindfulness practices help us return closer to “our natural state”. A state of emotional and mental balance where we bear in mind what is important in our lives and practice putting this at the forefront of our actions. In the hustle and bustle of modern living this is not so easy, as our old habits and urgency can tend to dominate, even if we intend to act differently.

To help support us all in being more Mindful, My good friends John Bruna, Laura Bartels and I have developed an intentional community to help us to practice being more mindful. The online intentional community “The Mindful Life Community” has daily inspirations and reflections, practice activities and a resource library (articles, meditations, talks) to help you. All are based on the four foundations of secular mindfulness – Attention, Wisdom, Values and Ethics and Opening the Heart. We also provide the opportunity to participate in monthly talks, discussion groups and newsletters. We really feel that this online intentional community provides a wonderful daily practice in bringing mindfulness into our lives. Our intention in this endeavour is not a small one. We hope to encourage genuine happiness in our world and reduce suffering wherever it maybe. Come join us in our quest- we need you.

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Mindful Life Community

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