Mark’s Coaching Profile

Mark Molony

Organisational Coach and Human Relations Specialist

Mark Molony is a Melbourne-based Executive Coach. Mark’s purpose is to make a Mark smilingdifference by generating new sustainable practices that will better support his clients in exceptional performance in all domains of their lives.

Working with corporate clients, individuals, small businesses and community groups, Mark has built a solid reputation by taking care of his clients concerns in a way that prepares them to discover greater focus, well being and performance in their lives. Whether he is supporting others through problematic issues, planning or simply looking for new ways of working, Mark’s highly engaging style encourages both practical and sustainable change for his clients. This has been evident in his previous leadership and consulting roles with a range of government and corporate organisations.

Today, Mark’s skill and experience is focussed on an organisational coaching consultancy that is known for its innovation and effectiveness. He works to develop generative learning processes for his clients, by utilising ontological and other coaching frameworks, and is highly effective at assisting his clients to observe new possibilities and take more effective action to address their key business and personal concerns. Mark is highly valued by his clients for his coaching of staff in leadership roles in the areas of employee engagement and performance enhancement.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive and Organsational Coaching
  • Human relations consultancy
  • Executive and leadership development
  • Recovery coaching
  • Conflict and dispute resolution
  • Team dynamics
  • Organisational and Cultural Change
  • Crisis response
  • Employee support program initiatives
  • Group facilitation

Recent Experience

Victorian Department of Treasury
Department of Defence
Department of Justice- Victoria
Ergon Energy
Metropolitan Fire Brigade