The Mindful Life Program


It gives me great pleasure to declare that my good friend John Bruna and I have formed an intentional international collaboration across the globe to established “The Mindful Life Program (MLP).



The Mindful Life Program (MLP) is a mindfulness course developed by John Bruna (John is based in Colorado and is the founder of the Way of Compassion)  and myself to provide individuals with skills that are practical, accessible, and universal. While we have both seen great examples of mindfulness training, we were concerned that many of these programs were high on theory and less about giving the participant practical mindfulness skills that make a difference. We also wanted to ensure that people who would benefit from mindfulness skills in their life, had ready access to the program. Lastly we were keen to ensure that regardless of personal orientation, philosophy or cultural background- the MLP would be universally beneficial to all.

The Mindful Life Program (MLP) was developed  to help people lead a meaningful life in alignment with their inner values. Everyone can benefit from mindfulness – regardless of your cultural, economic, or spiritual background.

To find out more about the MLP please visit our web page at

The Mindful Life Program or visit our Facebook page at Mindful Life Program

MLP is available for the general public as well as specific programs for corporations, educators, therapists and recovery programs.