Personal Coaching

I am committed to assisting individuals to increasing their passion, energy, curiosity and learning in their lives. Our observation of ourselves and others is that the nature of modern living can sometimes leave us wondering what the purpose of life is and how we can rekindle the spark that was once present. More and more, we read reports of increasing levels of depression and stress in our lives, yet very little attention is paid to what can we can do about it.

Over a number of years I have developed an effective personal coaching  approach as a result of the many conversations with friends and colleagues who reported feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied with their lives. Personal coaching developed for me out of a very natural conversational approach about what is really important to us in our lives and our need to be able to connect with others to generate new possibilities for the future.

I have had extensive training and practice over the last 25 years in a variety of areas including counselling and psychotherapy, training and facilitation, accelerated learning, adult education, organizational change, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness practices and ongoing training in ontological coaching.

My aim is to provide an environment where you can feel safe and supported in observing your personal actions and the impact of them on your life? I hope to provide you with exquisite care as we work together. I invite you to make requests that will enhance your coaching experience and learning.

As a professional coach I make the following declaration of commitment to all of my clients:

▪   I am committed to building a powerful and trusting relationship with you,

▪   I am committed to support the confidentiality of all our coaching conversations with you,

▪   I am grounded in awareness and responsibility for our own blind spots,

▪   I grant total freedom, choice and power to you in our coaching with you,

▪   I aim to assist you in generating bigger possibilities for breakthroughs and accomplishments in your life,

▪   I am focused on listening for commitment and action,

▪   I observe your behaviour and conversations for inconsistencies with the stated commitment or possibility, often revealing unexamined commitments and beliefs,

▪   I observe your conversations and moods and assist in the generation of new conversations,

▪   I don’t fix people; I allow you to be responsible for your own moods and interpretations.

As a premise, I say that coaching enables people to change the way the world occurs for them. When this happens, there are new possibilities and new actions that they can undertake.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” (Robert Burns Poet)

Personal Coaching is learning to see the environment through the eyes of your purpose. The principal behind life planning, is the creation of purpose. You become what you think.

Personal coaching takes a holistic look at your life, so that all the parts of your life are mutually enriching. Work belongs in life, along with love, laughter, reflection and all the other elements of the human experience.

Personal Coaching has several aspects:

▪   Arousal of motivation,

▪   Freeing of imagination,

▪   Observing your life differently,

▪   Exploration of beliefs you hold about yourself,

▪   The development of greater insight and choice over the moods that occur in your life,

▪   The development of greater awareness of your body and how it informs you of what is occurring in your life,

▪   Generation of new possibilities in your life,

▪   Formulation of purpose and objectives,

▪   Development of action plans.

Personal Coaching is aimed at supporting you in observing differently. Making clear choices that will enhance the quality of your life, and or profession. I ask that you define the areas of life you wish to explore so I can provide a tailored coaching program aimed to support you in achieving what is important to you.

Personal coaching is based on the interpretation that as human beings we all live in emotion, body and thought. Many mentoring and coaching programs work exclusively in the realm of thinking. I believe it is through the connection and congruence of emotion, body and thought that we can become more authentic, balanced and powerful human beings, more able to take action and generate new possibilities.