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Who would use a professional Coach?

Having worked with hundreds of people in a broad variety of businesses, I would assess most people benefit from having a coach. The nature of business and the competitive and often unrelenting demands put many of us at risk. The major risks fall into a few key areas. Firstly lets consider it from a health, well being and sustainability perspective. If you fail to look after yourself and treat your body and your mind like a resource that can just keep on giving- warning you could be placing yourself in harms way. Most clients I work with estimate they have a working life of another 15-30 years. If this is the case, sustainable practices that support and maintain you for the long hall are crucial.

The second key major risk area for business people is becoming largely reactive to the short term imperatives of the enterprise and limited or no space to reflect, plan, strategize and energize for the longer term. This reactiveness often reduces our observational and learning capacity to adapt and innovate to changes in the business environment.

The third major risk factor is the inability to take action, despite the client knowing action needs to be taken to address a problem or an issue. Avoidance is a alive and well in the business community. It can show itself in many different ways and undermine our confidence and willingness to commit to and undertake effective action.

Coaches help client identify key business, team and/or personal developmental issues and make action plans to address them. While a business coach may only know a small amount about how your business operates, they have you as the subject matter expert. The coaches job is to help you identify barriers, obstacles and blockages and help you to design a pathway away through them.

“The coaches role is to enable your learning and action potential, not to do the work for you.”

Many of my business clients have readily accepted and enjoy having a professional coach to support their learning. If you asked many of them before hand, very few would have had much of an ideas what a coach actually does. In 2009 a Harvard Business Review research report indicated that the 3 top reasons to engage a business coach were

  1. Develop high potentials or facilitate transitions  48%
  2. Acting as a sounding board                               26%
  3. Addressing derailing behavoiur                         12%

I have been working as a business coach for some 15 years now and trained originally in  Ontological Coaching with Alan Sieler at the Newfield Institute. I came to coaching with a small business background having run a small business previously, some business studies at University, real life practice leading and managing a team of 10 staff and a wealth of experience working with people in a variety of challenging situations. I have been fortunate to have some great training and exceptional practice opportunities in a range of businesses completing both short assignments to the longest being a two and half year coaching role with 15 senior executives from an Australian corporate organisation.

Why engage me to be your coach?

You want a coach who you know has a background and experience in a variety of business and personal settings. They often call this “practice wisdom”.  My practice has afforded me the opportunities to work with senior executives in a range of fields to small business owners in boutique industries and consultancies.

My clients tend to continue to use my services after they have moved on to bigger and more challenging roles. We form strong working relationships and high levels of trust and this keeps the coaching relationship alive, even if we only catch up every few months. My clients report that my services are valued for both the effectiveness of the sessions, the care and respect provided to them and the return on investment the coaching session provide.The best way you can find out if coaching is for you and whether I am the person for you to work with, is by giving me a call and we can discuss what you are looking for and whether I feel I can assist you.


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